My Tiny Revolutionaries


My beautiful t-shirts arrived from Tiny Revolutionary and I couldn’t be more thrilled–soft (sooooffffttt as in, they feel old and worn in and I may steal them for myself, or, you know, buy one of the adult sizes…), super high quality, great graphics, $2 donated to EOR just for shopping with them–heck, even the box was cute with it’s little orange sticker of a tiny revolutionary.

Amelie flipped when she saw her “Presnent OBAMA!” shirt and the limited edition (Signed! Numbered!) poster that came along (free!) from the artist who designed the shirt–I can’t wait to get it framed for her room. It’s cool, y’all. And Brayson just looks adorable in his “I’ll Change the World Someday” shirt–I love the dark grey and it looks super cute with dark jeans. Or in a shadowbox in his room when he outgrows it. Whatever. So happy to be partnered with these lovely ladies and their lovely products!


-Danielle (who bought her daughter those super tacky maribou feather Disney princess slippers in an attempt to get her to sit still long enough for her ears to get pierced–don’t judge.)


One thought on “My Tiny Revolutionaries

  1. LOVE Tiny Revolutionary! We too are sporting the cool Obama and I’ll change the world someday tee! It was super fast shipping and came in a great box with a yellow silhoutte sticker! EOR is proud to partner with such great companies!

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