EOR & Tiny Revolutionary Partner!


I’m happy to announce that Ethiopian Orphan Relief has partnered with Tiny Revolutionary, and we are now a beneficiary charity for their “Tiny Bucks” program–where $1 from each order goes to a charity of the buyer’s choosing (you can choose EOR or Engineers Without Borders).

If you haven’t yet heard of them, they’re very hip and trendy and produce very cool, progressive shirts for kids. They’ve been reviewed all over the place–Cool Mom Picks, Cookie magazine, Parents magazine, etc. Beyond the $1 we’ll get for each order, we’ll also get exposure to a wide range of people (their charity section has the second highest hits on their website–second only to the shopping section!). Tiny Revolutionary will also be packing EOR flyers with each order that designates us as their recipient charity.

Please join me in supporting them–I just got the kids shirts for their Easter baskets–Amelie will flip when she sees the AWESOME Obama shirt and Brayson can make it clear he’ll be changing the world someday in his cool shirt. They’re also known for their “Chosen” shirt, made specifically for adopted kids–it was a tough choice between “Chosen” and “Obama” for Amelie, but considering the first thing she asked to do when she got her new fish was “read him my Obama book,” I think she made the decision for me.

Happy Shopping!



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