Spend our money, please

As manager of EOR’s webstore, I field numerous emails each week asking about our store’s inventory.  Many people ask for a particular item or size.  More often, people ask when we’ll be getting new merchandise in the shop.  My answer each and every time is a confusing, “I don’t know.”  Unlike most stores that purchase supplies from particular vendors, the EOR webstore relies on the generosity of traveling families.  While Ethiopian Orphan Relief can supply the funds to purchase inventory, we constantly seek traveling families to act as buyers and schleppers.  If you are traveling to Ethiopia in the coming months, or know someone who is, please consider bringing items back for our little webshop. 100% of the profits benefit our partner projects.  The orphans of Be’Emnet, Children’s Heaven, SOS EE, AHOPE and Hope for Hossana will thank you.  So will I.dsc_0017-3-eor-blog

Adorable outfit brought back by Cindy.  She brought back tons of terrific boy clothes for us.

If you think you’re able to shop for us while in Ethiopia, please email me–I’ll reply promptly!



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