Theatre for Ethiopia 2009: The Dancing Spider

Dear Friends,

As you know, when we brought Helina home, we were deeply moved by our visit to Ethiopia. While there, we met some girls who were members of Children’s Heaven, a program designed to help girls ages 9-17 who have been orphaned by AIDS. Most of the girls assisted by Children’s Heaven live in foster homes or with extended family and rely on the center for food, clothes and friendship. The girls are also given the funds, uniforms and books that allow them to go to school. During our visit, each girl at CH stood and told us her age, her grade, her hobbies and what she wanted to be when she grew up. It was then that I realized the miracle that had happened for them–they were going to grow up! They were going to have an education! We were inspired by these brave, determined and resilient young people and came back to the States determined to help them. Children’s Heaven recently lost their permanent structure, and have been operating out of a storage unit covered with tarps. Ethiopian Orphan Relief, Inc. is working to raise enough money to give the girls a permanent home.

When I returned to work at Denver Academy, I wanted to share some of my experiences in Africa with my students. I decided that the Spring Middle School Play would be based on African Folktales. The students have rallied behind the idea of a fundraiser to help support the Children’s Heaven building project through EOR.

Please help us as the Middle School students of Denver Academy reach out to support the orphaned children of Ethiopia. We are having a special Saturday performance of “The Dancing Spider”, a one act musical for all ages, at 2:00pm on March 14th. All proceeds will go to the Children’s Heaven building project through EOR. Representatives from EOR will be i the theatre lobby to answer questions, and EOR’s notecards of orphan artwork will be for sale. I would love to see you there! For more information, please visit EOR’s website at and click on “Fundraising Events” then “Theatre for Ethiopia 09”.

Thank you so much,

Katie Bradford

Adoptive parent and EOR volunteer


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