Ideas for those left at home while you travel…

Okay for those of you who know me this will come as no surprise, I am one “of those” people who try to make sure I have my basis covered for the “what if this happens” scerino.
When we planned our trip to Ethiopia to bring our daughter home we felt it was best if I traveled and my husband stayed home with our son who was almost seven years old. We felt it was best for him to stay in school and have a routine. I asked one of my sisters if she could travel with me and she was happy to come.
My son was very nervous about me leaving. I had only been away from him two nights in his life. I knew he was in perfect hands with my husband. He’s a very hands on kind of Dad and can handle any situation that comes up.
One thing that I did prior to leaving was purchased some little token type gifts, ie: playing cards, stickers, little comic books, gum, etc. I wrapped these individual gifts and labeled them with Day One, Day two, etc. I was going to be gone for 10 days so had one for each day. Each day I was away he couldn’t wait to see what surprise he would open. The first day was a little snow globe that had a place for you to insert a photo. I placed a photo of the two of us and said that if he ever felt sad while I was gone to just shake the snow globe and he would feel the love I had for him. I hear he carried it around with him often while I was away.
Another idea that helped keep things on a routine is I had a file folder for each day. In this folder was things as simple as “don’t forget trash day is tomorrow.” to “baseball game at 6pm, don’t forget his cleats.” They would look at the folder the night before to see was in store for the next day.
Having meals in the freezer and a stocked pantry were also helpful. Even though after I returned home not ONE of these meals had been consumed! They were taken care of by many friends and neighbors.
Setting a specific time to call home. I called home each morning which was evening in the Pacific NW.
Also notify your child’s school that you will be gone. That way if they need to contact you they can have a back up number.
Even though the “what if scerino” never happened. I felt better knowing I had left a few things at home for them to find comfort.
I will be again traveling to Ethiopia for another 10 days this summer and am already collecting “little tokens” to leave for each day.
Do you have any great ideas for ideas for those left at home while you traveled? We’d love to hear them.


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