Urgent Plea for Help!

Hanna Fanta, the director of Children’s Heaven, works tirelessly to provide care, support and love to orphaned teenage girls in Addis Ababa.  She receives no salary for her efforts, and 100% of the donations to Children’s Heaven otherwise go directly to the girls.  It has recently come to our attention that Hanna is experiencing some health issues, and has been ignoring her own health needs in order to continue supporting the children.  In an attempt to help, we have listed a beautiful hardcover book about Ethiopian adoption in our EOR Store. 100% of the profits from the sale of this book will go to providing Hanna with extra money to address her own health and sustenance needs, so that she can continue to devote her time and energy to the girls. The book is listed under the “stationary” category in the store. We’ll also be listing a couple silent auction items on Friday to benefit Hanna.
Thank you for your support!! And, please, if you would, post a link to this post on your blog and tell your various adoption support group members, family and friends!

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