Redefine Christmas

While perusing Cool Mom Picks this morning I came acrossed a link to a new site, Redefine Christmas. The site allows you to choose an e-card (some very cool and trendy, others more traditional) and email it to friends and family who may have you on their Christmas list. The e-card asks that instead of a gift, you donate to the sender’s favorite charity instead.

It’s a great idea–if you’re like me, your family calls lots around the holidays asking what you want and you answer with “um, well, um, just get something for the kids. I have no idea.” As my friend Angie said the other day as she emailed me a list of donations to EOR she’d made as gifts to friends, family and her kid’s teachers–“It’s better than the useless bling I usually buy these people.” True, true. Another friend/supporter/volunteer said today her entire family is giving each other donations to charity this year in lieu of gifts.

(And in case you didn’t know, when you make donations via our website, you can not only choose which fund your donation goes to, but you can also choose to make the gift in honor of someone. If you do, I’ll handwrite them a card informing them of your gift. You feel warm fuzzy and cross another person and gift off your holiday to do list–not to mention get a tax deduction–and the recipient feels good to. A holiday tradition we can all wrap our heads around.)

Happy Holidays,



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