Holiday Auction-Family Counseling/Consultation in Centennial, CO

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Welcome to our Holiday Auction!

Up for auction, we have 3 hours of counseling/consultation with the Red Thread Counseling Center in Centennial, CO. The gift certificate, a $255 value, is valid until May 2009, and will be awarded to the highest bidder as of Friday, December 31, 2008 at midnight (MST).

The Red Thread Counseling Center is a place where families can come for counsel, support, therapy, and consultation for issues related to adoption, individual growth, and family dynamics. The counseling center team offers the following services:

  • Individual, Couple & Family Counseling
  • Attachment Therapy
  • Parenting Consultation
  • Support Groups
  • Child & Adolescent Counseling
  • Play Therapy
  • Phone Consultation
  • Attachment Assessment

To bid, simply leave a comment with your name, your bid and the way you’d like to be contacted should you win (phone number or email address). If you’d prefer not to leave this information in a comment, please email us with your bid at and we’ll post your name and the bid amount (with no contact info) so others know the current bid. 100% of the proceeds from this auction benefit our programs, as this gift certificate was an outright donation by an adoptive parent and adoption professional.

Bid high, bid often and thank you!


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