Wrap us in your love…

So, every month, I make a contribution to EOR–it’s automatically taken from my account each month–I don’t even notice it’s gone.  While I pledged an amount I can comfortably afford, I’ve made a commitment to double the amount each month, something that is a bit trickier to accomplish.  I’ve had to be creative to come up with the extra cash.  I’ve had a tag sale, sold things in a consignment shop, had a fundraising birthday for Astrid Meklit, etc. While I could simply send an additional amount, I look for ways to “earn” the additional cash, so as not to diminish my family’s bottom line.  This month, the month that is busier than most, I’ve signed on to wrap gifts at Barnes & Noble.  Two different three hour windows–one on the 20th, one on the 24th.  Barnes & Noble allows various charities to provide gift wrapping services during the busy holiday season, and the manager in charge of scheduling saved us the plum spot on Christmas Eve.  As hard as it is to carve out this extra time, I’m so grateful that Barnes & Noble offers us this way to earn a little extra money and goodwill for Ethiopian Orphan Relief.  AS a bonus, My nine year old and I will have some much enjoyed quality time together–he’s become my right hand man in these various fund raising endeavors, and when I suggested that maybe his dad should go with me instead, he was crushed.  He’s been doing some practice gift wrapping this week.  Small rectangular books are his forte’ apparently.

If you are so inclined, consider calling your local bookseller (I know Borders offers the same opportunity, and I imagine others do too) to schedule a gift wrapping session for Ethiopian Orphan Relief.  We’d love the help, and honestly, at this point in the season, I know I welcome the “break”  this will give me.  While the holidays are all about the family I love, it’s awfully nice to spend a few hours thinking of others.  Take a break like me too!



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