My Quilt!


I ordered a custom baby clothes quilt from the EOR store for my kids for Christmas and it’s done! I couldn’t be happier. We chose a red and brown floral fabric for the back and red squares for the front to complement our African inspired playroom. The center squares are of the outfit we met Amelie in at Toukoul (they gave it to us before we brought her home) and the outfit we brought Brayson home from the hospital in. We also included pieces from the sling we carried Amelie all over Ethiopia in (I just cut the tail of it off and she uses the now small sling for her dolls), the dress I was wearing when we met Amelie, the super cute courduroy pants Bryan picked out for Amelie right before we left to get her, Brayson’s itsy bitsy Yankees jersey, Amelie’s traditional Ethiopian and Oromo dresses and favorite outfits we received as gifts from family and friends. I get all teary eyed just looking at it. I can’t wait to talk with the kids about each square, and hand it down to my grandchildren someday. I’m not generally sentimental about “stuff,” but I can’t think of a better way to preserve the memories embodied in those 40 articles of clothing.

Our super-seamstress Beth also made Amelie a very cool Dora cape, Brayson a very cool pirate cape and small “name quilts” for each of their rooms, that will be framed. Amelie’s is a butterfly of extra scraps of her clothes from the quilt with “Amelie” over top, and Brayson’s is a football of extra scraps of his clothes from the quilt with “Brayson” over the top. We aren’t selling these in the store yet–it was something she just came up with and asked me if I’d be interested–but we may be adding them soon.

Again, if you’re thinking about ordering one of these quilts–they come in crib size and lovey size–you will not be disappointed. They’re wonderful, and so special for adoptive parents in particular. Our seamstress was adopted herself, and it brings her immense joy to make these products.

-Danielle (pics below of the kids wearing some of the outfits we included in the quilt!)


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