The day my family became a “family of four”

JUNE 2 2007

The day my family became a “family of four”…………   I can remember it vividly, driving to the Portland airport to pick up my husband and our new daughter Meron.    I was a wreck.  All day I was tracking their flight from Washington.  I felt so nervous that my sister had to drive us to the airport. I was unable to drive……….. Excited, nervous, exhausted, and hopeful. 

Our journey started about 3 years prior when my husband and I started to attempt pregnancy.  Month after month we were unsuccessful.   It was an emotional crisis that took me on a roller coaster ride every month.  We tried for 2.5 years before my heart started to heal with the decision to adopt.  We had always considered adoption because my husband was adopted, and because I felt that adoption would be a responsible thing to do.  

We chose Ethiopia because it was the quickest and offered the youngest children. The paper work was impressive. Everything….the home study, the fingerprints, the letters of recommendation etc ,etc. Finally, our Dossier was sent to Ethiopia.  Interestingly enough, around the same time, I became pregnant…..spontaneously…. for the first time in my life…..without inseminations…. without drugs….without birth control!!!!

We considered putting off the adoption for about 20 seconds.  No way!!!!!  We were sure that our adoptive daughter would arrive 3-5 months prior to our biological daughter.  What is it they say about the “best laid plans”????

 Anyway, On May 20 2007 I gave birth to my beautiful daughter Riley.  Four short days later my husband left us to go get our 7 month old Meron. Luckily, my parents were able to take the trip that Casey and I wanted to, but were unable to, related to my pregnancy and birth.  We wanted to see the beautiful country of Ethiopia, as well as Meron’s Birth place, Harar.  They were in Lalibela, Ethiopia on the day I gave birth to their second grandchild.  Meron was their first.

June 2, 2007 was, without a doubt, the most amazing day of my life to this point.  I stood in the airport with my newborn in my arms as I watched my husband, our daughter, and my parents walking closer and closer to us.  I was crying. My heart was pounding. I could see them coming……  I was joined by my siblings, my in-laws, and a few close friends.  WE WERE ALL CRYING as Casey and I finally met.  We exchanged our beautiful daughters after a long hug and kiss.  It was wonderful.

It has been about 19 months since our lives were turned upside down. We are in a routine and most of the fog has lifted.  The girls (AKA the cyclone sisters) are amazing.  They sleep in the same room and play together all the time.  Big sister Meron is always looking out for her “sissy” Riley (unless they are fighting)!!! They have given us more than we ever could have anticipated.   It was a crazy path to parenthood, but we owned it and still do.   




5 thoughts on “The day my family became a “family of four”

  1. Oh my gosh! Both your daughters are beautiful! What a fantastic story. I love reading these things, my husband and I are anxiously awaiting our court date for our 6 month old baby boy!! It can’t come quick enough. I know you know the feeling. Our son is at Sele Enat!! Keep writing I just found your sight and love to read progress!

  2. This was great Lauren! Kim and I were so excited to meet Meron and take photos for you in’s cool to think our girls knew each other before us, before Toukoul–all the way back to Harar. I’m glad you get to (finally!) visit next summer. It’s such a cool place. I love the pics–they’re both so beautiful.

  3. Thanks for sharing Lauren! What a honor it was to take picture of Meron while in Ethiopia. Danielle and I told her that her Daddy was coming soon to bring her home to her family. I can’t believe how much she has grown from that tiny little baby in Toukoul! I look forward to the many years ahead with our daughters becoming great friends like we have! Thanks for all you do for EOR!

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