i Give, and i Give, and iGive.com

See this link right here?  It’s a link to iGive.com, an online shopping mall that donates a percentage of each sale to a designated charity, like EOR.  In the last few months, with just 10 members, we’ve raised nearly 200.00 with iGive.   It’s so super easy to shop with them, there’s a handy tool bar you can download, and the stores included in iGive’s mall are stores I’d shop in anyway (amazon, drugstore.com, gap, hearthsong, shoebuy.com) 


I know I’ve brought this up before, but if you have shopping to do (or just plan to place an online photo card order), and you are a friend of Ethiopian Orphan Relief please consider joining iGive, so that a portion of each purchase benefits our various projects.  As an extra little enticement, first time shoppers through iGive earn a 5.00 bonus for EOR.  Pretty sweet!



Thanks, and happy shopping!!!



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