Use GoodSearch To Help EOR

There is this awesome site–Good Search.  It is a search engine and fundraising tool all in one.  It is simple and every time you use it to search the Internet EOR earns a penny.  I know that doesn’t seem like much but it adds up over a years time.  If you tell all your friends about it and they use it for their internet searching/surfing then it will certainly add up.  You can also use Good Shop and much like iGive it donates a portion of your purchase price to EOR without adding any cost to you.  It is an awesome way to donate and help out in these economic times when dollars aren’t going as far as they were before.  This is a great way to donate to EOR without having it put a dent in your monthly budget–not to say we still don’t need those types of donations as well.  But we understand with this slow economy that not everyone has extra money to give.  So log onto Good Search and install their tool bar–I am not a fan of tool bars but his one is nice because I don’t have to remember to go to Good Search’s website to benefit EOR.  I can just go up to the tool bar and EOR is my default charity and I just search.  It is so easy. 

Check it out today.  Search for EOR and begin surfing.  Encourage your friends to sign up and start raising money.


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