Mitzvah Project to Benefit EOR

Fourteen year old Leah from Colorado Springs, CO began a Mitzvah Project in the 7th grade to help the children of Ethiopia.  Her project was a penny drive, and her goal was to raise one penny for every orphan in Ethiopia (4.6 million). To date, Leah has raised 298,955 pennies.

Leah personally delivered the first batch of money raised (a little over $2,000) to Ethiopia when she travelled there with her family to pick up her new sister Fre in November 2007. The money was used to build a playground at The Hope for the Abandoned Children and Orphan Care Association, where her sister was residing. She also purchased furniture and basic supplies for the orphanage. Since returning from Ethiopia, Leah has been using donations to sponsor children to attend school from the Sele Enat Orphanage in Addis Ababa.

Leah has recently decided to use her current donation balance to help EOR construct the facility for the orphaned teenaged girls supported by Children’s Heaven. She has pledged to commit any further donations to EOR’s programs as well.

Thank you so much, Leah! Your support is amazing and the girls from Children’s Heaven will be so thrilled to know another teenager is doing so much to help them out!


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