Blood, sweat, and tears








 My sweet husband ran his first marathon yesterday.  Simultaneously, he raised money for EOR—-he’s such a multi–tasker.  The race was amazing–a chilly 37 degrees at the start, a few of us (the ones not trotting for 26.2 miles) were unhappy about the weather and some of us, not mentioning any names, Astrid Meklit, may have cried for awhile, at least until the sun came up and the music started.   The rest of us thrilled to watch the wheelchair racers and the thousands of runners, Albert among them.  It was fun to watch people run by–individually, we cheered for favorite political candidates supporters, funny outfits, and the occasional surprise.  Albert got tons of shout-outs for his Philanthropist shirt (personally, I cheered for the gal in the Iron Maiden t-shirt–kind of unexpected among the athletes).  I watched her through the course and bellowed IM classics as she crossed the finish line.  Probably a good thing there were several thousand other spectators there to drown me out!  I cheered loudest of all when my own dear Philanthropist crossed the line and then was horrified to see that my sweaty guy was also bloody.  Good to know that it was only his heart rate monitor.  It rubbed and chafed until he bled, so it was totally minor but looked pretty creepy. 


When all was said and done, Albert ran a little faster than he hoped (3 hours, 48 minutes to be exact) and he raised a good deal of money for Ethiopian Orphan Relief.    There are other marathons ahead (he’s caught the fever!) and other chances to bloody his Philanthropist shirt.  After yesterday’s success, Albert is eager to run again and raise money for EOR for the same time, and I am eager to let him!


Congratulations, Albert!!!  




Bloodied but triumphant at the end of the race!










9 thoughts on “Blood, sweat, and tears

  1. Isn’t it creepy looking? He ran by me in a pack at the finish and I actually didn’t see him, because I knew his shirt was plain white. Sad to miss his first marathon finish, glad to know he isn’t maimed for life!

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