Blog Action Day/Poverty

Today’s post is by a fellow adoptive mother, Wendy Wetzel. Some of the board members of EOR, met Wendy on our adoption journey. She is the mother of a beautiful one year old daugther. 

Today is Blog Action Day, and the 2008 theme is poverty.

As you’ve been noticing recently, global poverty is one of the issues that tugs at my heart, and I try to be an advocate for fighting poverty through the work of charities, through actions in my community and through organizations working around the world. Why my harping? Because 26,000+ chidren die from poverty-related causes every single day.

I truly believe that looking out for those with less is the right thing for all of us to do.

I don’t believe there’s any one right way to fight poverty, though. You may feel a desire to help in a different way then I do, and that’s a good thing, because different actions help in different ways. Child sponsorship can’t get government to forgive another government’s crushing debts, but political advocacy can’t let a little girl know she matters enough that someone remember her birthday. Some people and groups take care of wounds that are gushing right now, while others try to find the source and stop it. We need it all.




Even just a bit of empathy.

Here’s what I will give back today:

FOR EVERY COMMENT ON THIS POST, I WILL DONATE $1.00 to Ethiopian Orphan Relief or our local SLR voucher program (Donations split 50/50–and I suppose I must set some limit!) For every comment sharing what you are doing or will do to fight poverty, I will donate $2.

Will you write a letter to your sponsored child? Email your state representative? Take some extra food to the food bank? Repeat this same challenge on your own blog? Get involved in something, let me know, and watch my gift grow. Game ends Friday at midnight PST. The real challenge never ends.

Check out Wendy’s blog here to leave a comment.


8 thoughts on “Blog Action Day/Poverty

  1. My name is Grace Mulei from Kenya. I inspire students and teachers to ensure making a difference in the society.

    It is amazing to realize what the Blog Action Day Partners are doing to address poverty in status in their environs. Just the other day one of my partner teachers Bibiane Wambua,mentioned about micro credit and the demand intensity. Not withstanding about the Grameen Foundation Blog Action Plans.

    I think it is a good idea to start small, but prefer group performance for collaboration and informative results.

    Thanks to KIVAS Module.

    We wish to start a Microcredit and training programs,to make a difference to the needy.

    I will check Wendys blog and see how we can get on board.

  2. My name is Grace Mulei from Kenya. I inspire students and teachers to ensure making a difference in the society.

    I wish to compliment Wendi’s blog. Congratulation on that good work.

    The blog Stats needs some background work!

    My blog focus is on the Internally Displaced People. The majority are women and children subjected to acquired poverty status.

    My Blog Name…… IDP

    Thank you very much.


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  4. Great offers!
    I get involved too. I appeal to STOP the economic embargo in my post for Blog Action Day. Will you agree with me?
    Hope this global action will raise the awareness to fight poverty.

  5. I am committed to focusing on even the small things that I can do, right now – to alleviate all types of poverty around the world. I believe that it is by “small and simple things”, that together — we can create miracles.


  6. I just wanted to say thanks to EOR for the cross-post and thanks to all the commenters here and at my blog! I’m donating $15 to each of the organizations I chose, and two friends are matching my gift–even the little things add up!

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