Molly’s Marathon Madness

What a day!!! Before I even rolled out of bed this morning my friend Molly had already completed 2 of the 26.2 miles in the 2008 Portland Marathon. I had some coffee, fed my little ladies (1.5 and 2 year old) and headed to work for an hour.  Molly was on mile 14 by the time I got back home.

I loaded up the mini-van with my husband and kids and headed our to the race course to cheer her on. It was about 60 degrees and a light rain was persistent. We stationed ourselves at mile 21 and waited. The crowds were impressive and there was a palpable energy in the air. We stood under a tree on the side of the road and started looking for Molly.

WOW!!! The runners were amazing. EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM was a total inspiration. We all started cheering for them. Clapping, encouraging and cheering them on. At one point the former athlete in me started to cry.  I was overwhelmed with emotion as the droves of runners passed. Some looked great, some looked tired, and some looked as though the pain was quite intense. I was crying and cheering and so excited to see Molly.

For those of you who didn’t know, Molly is a close friend that decided to run this marathon as a fundraiswer for EOR. Her goal was to raise $1000 and finish the Portland Marathon. The donations are still rollin in, and she definitely finished her 1st marathon. Check out her fundraising site!!!

She looked relaxed and strong as she gave us the peace sign when running by. Casey, Meron, Riley and I all cheered and clapped for her. I gave her a “high five” and then she was gone. FIve more miles to go!!!

We had her and her family over for lunch after the race. Molly took a long hot shower and I filled her bellly with food and drink. I thanked her profusely for her donations to EOR.

She finished.

She raised a lot of money for orphans in Ethiopia.

She is my hero today.

She is my inspiration….maybe I could work on a bit more exercise this week.




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