EOR Craft Corner: Headshot Blocks

Welcome to the EOR Craft Corner! Since it’s football season, my kids are with their dad at a friend’s house EVERY Sunday–which leaves me home alone to craft! In peace!

I know, I know. I’m a sports agent and I used to work for an NFL agent. I should KINDA care about football. I do not. Not unless we’re tailgating (preferably at a CU game next to an empty practice field so the kids can play and my husband can relive his glory days while tossing the football around with his buddies and I can make yummy food!), then going to see a game in person. THEN I can get excited. But only if we have really, really good seats. And even then, I get kinda bored. Because at the end of the day, I just feel like I’m at work when watching sports–especially on TV. Sad, but true.


Back to crafts. I’m planning to post on my craft projects that are in some way related to EOR or Ethiopia or adopted children. I hope you’ll join in the fun and leave me lots of comments about your own craft projects!

My first craft was these “Headshot Blocks.” I’d received a set of the Small Hensa Blocks from the EOR Store from my dear friend and fellow Board Member Paige while we were in Oregon for our Board Meeting. They were a gift for my 2 year old daughter Amelie and I figured I could jazz them up a little with photos because she LOVES to look at photos (her favorite “book” is a photo album her grandmother made her of the family). I also had stacks of old yearbooks and grade school class photos lying around..don’t we all? And I realized the photos in the yearbooks and class photos were the perfect size to mount on the blocks. I began cutting up my yearbooks and photos in earnest, much to the horror of my husband.

“What are you doing?! Don’t do that to mine.”

I explained to him that I had yearbooks from 7th-12th grade, plus class photos from Kindergarten through 6th grade and that I was pretty sure I wouldn’t be sitting down to peruse them again anytime soon. Plus, I was only cutting up my Junior High yearbooks and if in the process, I *happened* to *accidentally* cut out the mischief Erin Kentile wrote about, so be it. My kids can live without reading those little nuggets someday.

After I cut out the photos–confined to kids I was friends with and relatives of the parental and kid variety–I decoupaged them onto the blocks with Mod Podge. So very Martha Stewart of me. With a dash of Design Mom. And more personal (and a heck of a lot funnier!) than these.

Brayson may be getting a set of the Large Hensa Blocks in his stocking this Christmas–customized with a “bad hair series” of the larger yearbook senior photos, natch.

I shall call them, “Ode to Aquanet.”



One thought on “EOR Craft Corner: Headshot Blocks

  1. “Oh my stars” what a perfect craft idea! I too was lucky to receive these great blocks while our super Paige was visiting! I am going to “copy” your idea but am going to use pics of all her Ethiopian Friends! What a great gift this would be too for a “expecting” family. You could put pics of all their waiting family members! Thanks for sharing your amazing talent with us!

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