Happy New Year everyone!  For those new to the Ethiopian community, the Ethiopian New Year, Enkutatash,  is celebrated on September 11th. Most of the larger Ethiopian-American communities will hold some sort of celebration this weekend, or next. I know that the Bay Area’s celebration will be held tomorrow (9/7/08)  in Oakland at Lake Merritt, and I’m working with my friend Seleshie Asfaw and the Ethiopian Tewahedo Social Services to prepare for the Enkutatash celebration here in Columbus.  It will be held on Saturday the 13th of September from 11:30-4:00.  The event in Minneapolis will also take place on Saturday the 13th from 2-8 pm at the Pavillion in Minehaha Park.  There will be kids’ bouncers, games, food, and a merkato, so go if you can.    

If you know of an Enkutatash celebration in your corner of the universe, please share the details in the comments, and we’ll let everyone know.

Coincidentally, did you know that Enkutatash means ‘the gift of jewels’?  Once, the Queen of Sheba left on a rather costly trip to visit King Solomon.  Upon her return, her chiefs welcomed her by replenishing her treasury of jewels. 

This never happens to me–when I return home, it’s usually to a replenished treasury of dirty laundry!

A nice way to celebrate this particular Enkutatash might be with a jewel or bauble of your own from our amazing store.  I ship orders daily–I imagine that anything ordered by Monday would arrive in time for the holiday.

Happy New Year, everyone!!!



2 thoughts on “Enkutatash

  1. I can’t seem to find one here in Denver–which is odd, because we have a large Ethiopian population. I’m always game for any holiday which requires my husband shower me in jewels–you know, for our daughter’s heritage.

  2. The Minneapolis event is on Saturday too at the Pavillion in Minehaha Park. 2:00-8pm. Kids bouncers, games, performances, food to buy and a good size merkato.

    We are having an Amharic Kids table there too – so come say hi!

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