Again with the shopping…

Some of you may know that Macy’s does an annual event called Shop For A Cause.

Macy’s provides shopping passes that are sold by charities, and can be used at any Macy’s store on the designated day for 20% off – and ALL of the proceeds from the sale of the passes go to the charities.

We’re very proud to announce that Ethiopian Orphan Relief has partnered with Macy’s in this year’s Shop For A Cause as a benefiting charity.

What does this mean, you ask? Make a five dollar donation to EOR, and you’ll get a shopping pass good for 20% off at any Macy’s on Saturday, September 20th, 2008.

Go shopping! And help EOR improve the lives of orphans who remain in Ethiopia at the same time!

How great is that? (Want to read the fine print? Click here.)

We’ve made them avaialble in the EOR store, so go get a Shop For A Cause shopping pass right now – easy peasy!!!!


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