Reunion on the Oregon Coast

In conjunction with our 2008 EOR Board Meeting in Beaverton, OR, the families of Board Members Danielle Marquis and Paige Chapman-Layland met up with the family of Board Member Kim Pasion at her family’s beach house on the Oregon coast for a reunion of our daughters–a year ago they all lived in the Toukoul Orphanage in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. We wondered if the girls would get along, if they would remember one another. There was no need to wonder or worry–the girls acted like the long lost friends they were, even if they were only babies last time they saw one another. It put a smile on my face every morning when Amelie would bolt out of bed saying, “Where friends go, mommy? ANNIE! ASTRID!” She’d run to their bedroom doors and yell for them while she knocked. The girls enjoyed the beach (well, Annie enjoyed the beach from the comfort of her parent’s car…not a big fan of the sand, that one!) and the activities on the boardwalk. They giggled late into the night and gave lots of hugs and kisses (and a few pushes and shoves). It was awesome. I feel so lucky to have these amazing families in my child’s life. I look forward to Amelie being an adult and being able to say, “I’ve been friends with Annie and Astrid as long as I can remember.” We’re already looking forward to next summer’s reunion.



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