EOR Board Meeting 2008, Beaverton, OR

In addition to our regular board meetings via conference call and Skype, Ethiopian Orphan Relief, Inc. Board Members get together once a year for an in-person board meeting. This year’s meeting (our first annual!) took place in Beaverton, OR, home to Vice President Kim Pasion(and Nike! Whoot!).

If you’ve never met Kim, then you may not know that she’s the Martha Stewart of the adoption community–she was an unbelievable hostess! Our meeting was held on her backyard patio while my lovely husband Bryan and her lovely husband Chris wrangled a houseful of children who couldn’t understand why their mommies were outside without them. To be perfectly honest, the better-than-amazing Katie (mom to the ridiculously adorable Isa B!) oversaw most of the wrangling…our poor husbands were very overwhelmed (“Are you almost done???!” was yelled out the door more than once as a toddler banged on the door and screamed “MOMMMMMMYYYYY!”). Ah, the glamorous life of non-profit board members!

Three (!) hours and many appetizers later, we ended the meeting having accomplished many exciting things. Stay tuned for news on our participation in Macy’s Shop for a Cause, the Grand Opening of our online store (which features such beautiful Ethiopian products I’m freezing my credit card in a block of ice to stop myself from buying out our entire inventory), the Art for Ethiopia event in Denver in November 2008, our volunteer trip to Ethiopia in August 2009 and our “Fifteen and Forget About It” campaign.

I feel so honored and humbled to call these women colleaugues and friends. It was fabulous to finally all* be in the same place at once, and to meet some in person for the first time (even though we’ve “known” each other via blogs and email for years).

*Note: Jane Gregorie was absent from the meeting because she was on her way to Ethiopia with her husband, EOR volunteer Greg Cradick, to pick up their handsome son Ezra!!!!!



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