Happy Birthday Amelie!

Happy 2nd Birthday Amelie from Colorado! Amelie was adopted from Ethiopia in 2007 by Ethiopian Orphan Relief Founder and President Danielle Marquis and her husband Bryan Cudmore. In lieu of gifts at her “Bubble” themed birthday party, Amelie’s parents requested that donations be made to EOR. All donations will go towards the construction, installation and upkeep of a playground at the Toukoul Orphanage in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, where Amelie lived before coming home to Colorado. The playground will be dedicated to Amelie’s friend and “crib mate” Sayre Grimm who came home to a loving family in Portland, OR before passing away in a tragic accident at the age of 15 months. Amelie’s party was attended by many of her friends from the Ethiopian Adoption community in Denver and a great time was had by all! If you’d like to host a celebration to benefit one of EOR’s projects, please email us at info@ethiopianorphanrelief.org!


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