Fundraising for Kids!

If you’re like us, you’d like to raise a child who cares about the rest of the world and wants to do something to help those less fortunate. You want your child to derive joy from putting smiles on the faces of others, not just by putting a new toy in the shopping cart. In this vein, the moms of Ethiopian Orphan Relief (EOR) have come up with fundraising opportunities for kids.

In May, Board Member Kim Pasion’s son Anthony asked that his friends bring art supplies to his birthday party in lieu of gifts–those art supplies will be brought to his sister’s orphanage in Ethiopia, and the children will not only get an art clinic with a visiting artist volunteer, but their works will be brought back to the US, turned into greeting and note cards by EOR, and sold as a fundraiser to provide playgrounds, water filtration, sanitation systems, etc. to benefit orphans in Ethiopia.

In June, Board Member Paige Chapman-Layland’s son Elliott set up a lemonade stand at a multi-family garage sale in his neighborhood and donated all the proceeds to EOR’s general fund.

In July, Board Member Danielle Marquis’s daughter Amelie will host her second birthday, and the family has requested that donations be made to EOR to build a playground at her orphanage in Ethiopia, in lieu of gifts. Also, Board Member Jane Gregorie will be hosting a baby shower for her son Ezra, and she has requested that in lieu of gifts, attendees bring donations for the CHSFS care center where Ezra is being cared for in Ethiopia.

If you’d like to work with EOR to come up with a fundraising plan for your child, please email us at! You may also send donation checks to Ethiopian Orphan Relief, Inc., 6791 Brook Forest Drive, Evergreen, CO 80439.


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